What is a 改造者?

A changemaker is someone who desires 积极的变化 在世界 makes that change happen.

Creating change isn’t just the work of government officials, corporate leaders, or community activists. Change starts with anyone who spots a problem – big or small – and imagines a new way forward.

At the University of Evansville, we encourage and foster the changemaking spirit in a variety of ways – encouraging students to look at the world around them and ask “What if?” We encourage all of our students to be changemakers who seek out creative and effective ways to solve the problems they see in both the community and world, thus making it a better place for everyone.

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改造者s come from all ages, political orientations, ethnicities, nationalities, walks of life, majors, and professions. In fact, anyone can be a changemaker, and at UE, we are intent upon our role of being “changemaker makers!”

For more information, see: More than Simply “Doing Good”: A Definition of 改造者.

What is a 改造者 校园?

The 阿育王ü 改造者 校园 designation is the leading global designation for colleges and universities that believe anyone and everyone can make a difference. They promote innovation and collaboration to address the world’s most pressing challenges.

Do you want to make an impact? A 改造者 校园 is a great place to start!

At the University of Evansville, we foster the changemaking spirit among all our students, faculty, and staff.


在UE的改造者s are making 积极的变化 by promoting alternative energy sources, reducing infant mortality, providing microloans and services to women entrepreneurs, creating a pro-bono physical therapy practice, reducing bullying behaviors among children, developing sustainable art therapy programs for recovering addicts, and more. Learn more about changemaking at UE.


UE is part of the 阿育王ü 改造者 校园 Network – a dynamic, global network of leading colleges and universities who set the bar for social innovation and changemaking in higher education. The network includes approximately 50 colleges and universities from around the world including Duke, Brown, Cornell, University of San Diego, Arizona State University, Ryerson University, Hanyang University, Singapore Management University, Tecnológico de Monterrey, and more.

访问 the 改造者 校园 website.

阿育王ü is an initiative of Ashoka, the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs and changemakers. Ashoka encourages empathy, teamwork, and distributed leadership to bring about a world where everyone is a changemaker. Its programs operate in more than 90 countries to empower people to take action as changemakers.

Learn more about Ashoka by visiting their website.

Mark Shifflet
“Being involved in changemaking has provided me the best opportunity as a teacher to make a connection between the classroom and real-world problems.” 马克shifflet博士
Professor of Communication
UE is consistently recognized as a top school for hands-on learning. The Wall Street Journal named the University as the number 16 best college for student engagement and U.S. News & World Report called UE one of the most innovative schools in the Midwest.



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